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Enable SSH && disable telnet

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Telnet is "bad", this is how to enable ssh and disable telnet login, and BTW we only want ssh v2 as v1 is vulnerable to several attacks:
When asked choose a least 1024bits for the key

hostname switch
ip domain-name mydomain.tld
aaa new-model
crypto key generate rsa
ip ssh version 2
line vty 0 15
 transport input ssh

Remember to add ACL, this is always a good thing

access-list 99 permit
ipv6 access-list ACL-RESTRICTED-IN
 permit ipv6 2001:db8::/32 any

line vty 0 15
 access-class 99 in
 ipv6 access-class ACL-RESTRICTED-IN in

when you create your ACL, remember it's even better to only accept login from your network

Source and nice explanation of the banners :

OH! BTW if you use clogin/rancid to log into your equipments, make sure your MOTD does not have any # or the auto-enable won't work...
I told you : MOTD (with #) + SSH + clogin = no auto enable

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