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Super SCP

September 18, 2014 - Arnaud
Categorie: Technical
Tags: Linux
I use this script to scp files as root to the distant server, so that I don't need to type "root@"
eg : arnaud@local:~$./scp file srv:/root
# we check the last argument
if [ `echo ${!#} | grep ":"` ] ; then
        # we pop $@
        # sed s,a,b is same as sed s/a/b
        # but no need to escape / :-)
        list=$(echo $@ | sed s,\ ${!#},,)
        scp -r $list root@${!#}

Linux and routing tables

September 12, 2014 - Arnaud
Categorie: Technical
Tags: Linux

To add another default gateway to a dedicated interface, in this example I want 2 interfaces and one default GW for each IP (my 2nd interface has IP

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